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Golden flax seed vs. brown flax seed - what is the difference?

The nutritional value of golden flax seed vs. brown flax seed are very similar if the samples are of the same quality. I mention quality because it is very important in determining the omega 3 content and overall nutritional value. A high quality flax seed whether golden or brown will accomplish the same, although we have found most people prefer the nutty-buttery flavor of our golden flax seed over the brown flax seed.

The variety we sell is called Omega and was developed by North Dakota State University in 1989 for human consumption. We specialize in flax seed. We strive to deliver the highest quality flax seed with the most nutritional value. We are able to achieve this high quality by growing it farther north in Canada. The cooler climate and longer summertime daylight hours help to acheive a higher Omega 3 content in the flax seed.

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