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Essential Source Of Omega-3

North Americans are usually lacking omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFA), which are a main ingredient in flax seed oil. Not only do the cells of the body use omega 3 fatty acids to build their cell membranes to protect them, but the brain is also largely composed of fats called phospholipids, which are made from EFAs. These flax seed oils are essential for the function and structure of the brain and improve cognition, memory, moods and concentration.

Since research has shown that a majority of diets are deficient in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, this can lead to serious health problems. flax seed oil, however, is a perfect supplement to this deficiency as well as many other health benefits including, intestinal, heart/circulatory, arthritis, cancer, and skin issues, all of which could benefit from taking flax seed oil.

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