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Tips On Using flax seed Oil

Dosage: The recommended dosage for health maintenance is 1 tablespoon of Flax oil to 1/4 cup cottage cheese per 100 pounds body weight. In her book, Dr. Budwig says she uses 3 tablespoons of oil a day and sometimes up to 6 for people very seriously ill. These dosages are just suggestions and in no way constitute medical advice. For more information we suggest reading Dr. Budwig's books.

Dosage for Pets: A number of folks have written to us saying their dogs, up to 40 lbs. have recovered using 1 tablespoon of oil to 1/4 cut cottage cheese. We have little information on animals larger than that. Our Cocker Spaniel has shown a marked decrease in her breast tumors using this dosage in 2 weeks.

I don't like cottage cheese and/or It makes me sick: Cottage cheese contains sulferated proteins which are needed for the successful metabolism of the Flax Oil. If you cannot tolerate the cheese you can use EFA Companion Nutrients available from Nature's Distributors. Some people have reported good results using plain yogurt, though you need to use 3 times the quantity.

What Product Should I get? Be sure the oil you purchase is cold pressed, ie. never heated in the processing. Make sure the oil is refrigerated or frozen as much as possible. Heat of any kind destroys the value of the oil. We do not recommend the capsules as it takes approx. 14 of them to equal one tablespoon of oil and because they are often stored on warm shelves for periods of time.

I Don't Like the Oily Taste! Try a high lignin oil and shake well before use. To me it tastes like hazel nuts. Of course if it tastes rancid or really bad then it probably is and you shouldn't use it. There are a number of things you can try to make the oil more palatable.

FYI, I have come across a great way to enjoy the flax and cottage cheese. (Some people like the taste of the mixture--I don't! So, I came up with this smoothie recipe that is both tasty and full of flax.)

Cherry Power Smoothie

Put everything in a blender, blend 2 minutes. Makes 2 tall glasses. This comes together in a matter of minutes and is great for lunch.

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