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Flax Seed Oil Side Effects

Prostate Cancer

The biggest debate about the side effects of flax seed and its byproducts is the high content of Alpha Linolenic Acid, or ALA omega-3 fatty acids. The below study enumerates the particular side effect of the growth of prostate tumors in men in conjunction with high levels of ALA.

47,000 men were pooled for this experiment. 3,000 of those monitored for over 14 years struggled with prostate cancer and about 1 in every 7 men suffered from advanced stages of this disease. Those who did have advanced prostate cancer did in fact show higher levels of ALA from both non-animal and meat and dairy sources. Does that make flax seed the cause of this side effect?

Well, not entirely. It is common knowledge to anyone interested in nutrition that omega-3 fats reduce rates of cancer and its side effects, especially those fats found in plant-based sources of omega-3 (ALA). As flax seed does have the highest source of ALA, it gained widespread attention. However, it has been found that large doses are not tolerated in the body well and may have adverse side effects.

After much research it is now clear that only a small percentage of the omega-3 in flax is converted to EPA and DHA, which are cancer fighting. EPA and DHA prevent prostate cancer through the:

In actuality it is cod liver oil that has the highest levels of EPA and DHA when processed by the body. This makes code liver oil a great tool in fighting the side effects of high ALA levels and prostate cancer prevention. It is also loaded with vitamin D which may be even more important than the increased EPA and DHA content.

Why is prostate cancer such a risk? It is the number one form of cancer in men.

Here are some things that may help prevent the development of prostate cancer:

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